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We feel that everything about us is the perfect work of the creator of this world, God, who made men (and women) according to His own image. The Lord's plan for people was good, but we sinned and got punished for it by being distant from Him. The good news of the New Testament is all about Jesus and his works to save us from the sin we bring with us since our birth. Salvation can only come by accepting that Christ is the son of God who came to serve us and take our sins to the cross He was crucified on. We believe God, the son-Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is one. 


Our mission is to spread the good news of Jesus and give hope to people through sports, which is a very unique universal language in our world.


Christian Sports And Charity Foundation was established to use its resources as well as connect those who desire to help with those who need help in the U.S. as well as world wide. Its founder is Endre Santa who is married and a father to 5 children. 


Our foundation received 501(c)3 status from the IRS so your financial gifts are tax deductible. Please send your check or money order to:

Christian Sports & Charity Foundation

295 Trenton Ave. North.

Bayville, NJ. 08021.

Soccer Team
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